Sportsman of the Year

Riverside Men’s Golf Association


  • Restraint – Refrains from club throwing and swearing despite dire situations and poor performance.
  • Participation – Participates in weekly Thursday events including Shotguns and RMGA tournaments
  • Sponsorship – Supports RMGA Sponsors and/or has been a sponsor or donor for RMGA events.
  • Attitude – Keeps a positive attitude and is a pleasure to play golf with
  • Adheres to Rules of Golf – Follows the USGA Rules of Golf and understands the how the rules can improve the golf experience
  • Respect – Shows respect for fellow golfers and the golf course. Replaces divots, fixes ball marks, doesn’t drive close to the greens, and is able to keep golf cart on the cart path.

For those who wish to improve in any of these areas there are therapy sessions available. Interventions are also available upon request.